When people visit our site for the first time, it's usually in hopes of finding help with their own or a loved one's distress. Here, we hope to quickly give you enough information to decide whether it is worthwhile for you to follow up with a phone call - and to provide alternate suggestions if we do not seem like a good personal or financial fit.


We are a practice that serves adults and adolescents 16+ with long experience in providing medication management and psychotherapy for the major psychiatric disorders, e.g. depression, bipolar depression, anxiety and panic disorders, OCD, PTSD, etc. Where we do not have expertise, e.g. with anorexia, we will recommend more specialized colleagues.


There are only four of us, Margaret Dorfman, MD; William Cannon, MD; Stephen Chandler, LPC; and Lauren (Ori) Chandler, LCSW. The plus of this for you is that we talk directly with each other on a daily basis. No repeating yourself to different providers; no treatment advice based on half the available information.


You are the expert on yourself. We are the experts on what, in general, has been helpful to people with problems similar to yours. Caring for problems through evidence-based medicine requires careful listening to the evidence of a patient's experiences as well as to  research results. After many years in large practices, we formed our own small practice so that we would have time to listen.


If you plan to self-pay, we will be happy to quote you our rates, and enccurage you to make comparisons. We are in-network providers for Medicare, BlueCross BlueShield, and Medcost; Lauren Chandler is also in-network for United Healthcare. Other PPO type insurance plans may have out-of-network benefits which would apply. The easiest way to find in-network providers is through your insurance company's Provider Network website. To find psychiatric specialists, we suggest calling the NC Psychiatric Association at 919-859-8370.


If you would like to speak with us, please call 919-845-1555. Remember that psychiatric problems are very real, and very miserable, but also very treatable. We wish you the best in finding the help you deserve.


Please note: Triangle Psychiatric Services has recently moved.  We are now located just across Sunset Ridge Road at 2321 Blue Ridge Road, Suite 102.  We look forward to seeing you at our new location!